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Jun 05, 2007


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I think Lisa's use of the word "Physical Infrastructure" can be taken the wrong way - she is referring to the F&A BPO services-specific infrastructure - i.e. the current availability within China of F&A service centers, multi-lingual capability and F&A talent that are requirements for F&A-type services. Having visited China many times when I used to live in South-East Asia, I can attest to the fact that language issues, combined with the lack of accouting-specific training will really hold back China from the F&A BPO market for sometime to come. Moreover, as a result of the British colonialization, Indian accountants are trained in both British and American finance pracitses. Accountancy is a more natural fit for India, especially considering the thousands of accounting students graduating each year, in addition to the excellent accountancy training programs being established by Indian-based suppliers like Infosys and the global BPO suppliers like Accenture and Genpact who are investing heavily in their Indian F&A centers. Surprised noone mentioned their airline services....I have them level-pegging and even worse than the US -:)

China's infrastructure light years behind India? Not sure what airports or roads the author has experienced in China, but the contrast is the otehr way 'round.

The conclusions are sound, but the rationale cited is spurious.

BPO tech centers and processes are not at all at the same levels as in India, proven by the fact that all BPO providers have fewer services being run out of China versus other offshore locations at present. Not to say that tech & telecom capabilities aren't there, but for BPO services - and FAO specifically - they are less sophisticated at handling such things so far.

Great post Lisa. One question: You write: "China's physical infrastructure, although improving, is light years behind technology centers in India." I thought China had better infrastructure and higher telecom penetration. Am I missing something here?


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