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Jul 18, 2007


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Always good to read some vintage Pramuk...

RPO irritates me as this was coined to dovetail with the HRO hype of 2004/2005 and the fashion-victims of HRO thought it sexy to re-dub managed staffing services with the words "process and outsourcing". I just think that RPO's CAGR as a subset of HRO depends on how effectively it is twinned with TBO and FAO in multitower BPO, especially when the company is from OHIO.

Good night :)

Phil what gets you most about the term RPO?
is it case of too many terms spoil the broth?

I remember reading a Marc Pramuk article in HRO Today that discussed the issue of acronym overload - in this article he credits RES as the company that coined the term...


Do you think that outsourcing should be like Eskimo culture where there are 15 words for snow?

Things I encounter "on the road" that irritate me -- hair mousse on anyone; paying for a first class seat and then having some ill-bred, thong-footed, ear-plugged with sound spilling over denizon of the hip world sitting next to me; hotels that ban diet coke (i.e. Marriots); hotels or restaurants that respond yes when you ask for diet coke and then bring you diet Pepsi as though there's no difference; bad wine at any price; high-pitched screaming babies/toddlers who shouldn't be on the plane in the first place -- why didn't they repurpose the former smoking section to families traveling with children? and first class cabin crew who don't have first class manners or hygiene. And that's just for starters. Can't you tell I just got back from one of those irritating trips?

I like McDonald's salads.
BTW I'm not a representative of McDonalds

I love your poetry almost as much as Victoria!

Bummer. I got upgraded to first class on my flight from Miami last night. All I was thinking was...this red wine sure is delicious, man that cookie was tasty, and it sure is nice to be on time for a change!

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