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Dec 12, 2007


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* People who don't say what they mean and don't mean what they say...

* Powerpoint

* Shoddy analytics

* Restrictive internet policies and wedbite policing/bans (houstonmom.com is a site supporting motherhood, guys, not some boredhousewives.com)

* Email mailbox limits

* The cheap coffee

I forgot to add:

"French people who drop everything at 2.00pm...."


You forgot to add...

- People who say alot but actually say nothing at all (if you don't know what I am talking about call someone at Accenture?)

- People who freak out at the airport terminal or rental car counter

- People who refuse to pick up the phone and would rather send a 4 page email that no one will read anyways.

Tell your dentist to forget the novocaine and to turn up the laughing gas!

Here are a few others that may add fuel to your fire:

- Brown shoes with black belt.

- People who can't make decisions.

- Black shoes with brown belt.

- People who refuse to make decisions.

- People who refuse to exit an airplane in an orderly fashion even when they don't have another flight to catch. Sorry you got seated behind me, but those are the breaks.

- People who make up words such as 'irregardless,' which to me is like a sibling marriage of 'irrespective' and 'regardless.'

I can't blame my being crotchety on an injury or narcotics, but good, old-fashioned lack of sleep. Hope we both feel better tomorrow morning!

Don't forget people who blog about people who make them cranky! *grin*

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