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Dec 05, 2007


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well for us here in Europe "nearshore" mostly means eastern Europe.

PROVINCIA Software in Croatia
is a nearshore software company in Europe

Nearshoring is not a bad idea, the problems with India's infrastructure and cultural differences obstructing working practices makes the idea of nearshoring quite appealing.

First of all thanks for the coverage. It's really appreciated.

To the question of "talent availability" we've grown from 8 to 40 people in the last 10 months and, knock on wood, have had no problems finding qualified people with experience in different languages and platforms. This even in spite of the fact that our pool is more limited because we only hire people who are fluent in English. I'll add something about this in the next version of the "cute clip."

I have to admit that when I started in this business I had the same concerns. I was born in Cuba and knew very little about Mexico, other than the stuff you see on TV and movies here (US). I've been pleasantly surprised to find that 1) they have very good schools, and 2) their output of graduates is increasing. We don't hire new graduates (as a small company, we can't afford to) but it assures me that the pool won't be shrinking in the future, even with increased demand.

cheers -- matt

Significant amount of resources are wasted by companies in search of the cheapest technical labor force in the world. It comes as no surprise to those in the field, that the US talent market is willing and able to meet the demands, now and in the future, if, IF, US companies were willing to pay for this talent. There is and never has been a shortage of US software developers or software engineers. As Indian workers continue to close the financial gap on their US counterparts, they too, will be looking for work in the near future. My thoughts are not original by any stretch, however, no one wants to hear the truth.

Interesting to see countries like Mexico competing on price and service value with India for outsourcing work. As you mention, their one drawback is supply of labor talent and whether they can take on enterprise work at a higher scale. Will be interesting to see how the trend of the South American nations develops over the next year or two for taking on outsourcing work like application development.


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