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Dec 24, 2007


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I'm sorry to hear that Claudette - would you care to elaborate on where these services are being run?


I hope to God Outsourcing ends. I am in accounts receivable and it is near impossible getting through to the ppeople on the payables side. If it were up to me, my company would do no business with another that has outsourced to a foriegn company.

Thoughtful predictions! Thanks!

I think many outsourcing trends of 2007 will be continued in 2008. See my short digest at LinkedIn Q&As at

Also, see BPO Industry Predictions for 2008 at http://www.sourcingprofessional.com/?p=24

Such an excellent predictions... i think you've stated all the possible things that will happen in 2008...

For me outsourcing has gone so far, and i think it will go even farther. as it is the easiest way for companies to save money...

"The Modern World needs more time to focus on core business needs at lower costs. As time is money, we have to find that valuable time in order to make money without losing our momentum in doing business."


Firstly, an excellent analysis of what is likely to happen next year. Do you think we will see more outsourcing contracts in the financial services sector, for example the Citigroup / Genpact one?


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