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Dec 25, 2007


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Your opinion of Ron Paul is the media and establishment baloney that we've been fed. If he scares you because he believes that we should re-establish our position in the world's eyes and NOT just jump to war, well then I guess a few candidates scare you. If you're open to actually seeing what this candidate thinks instead of just watching CNN sound bites on him, his website is http://www.ronpaul2008.com/

BTW, I Am NOT a republican.


Anyone named Bush, followed by Mr. Huckabee and Mr. Thompson. We will have finished eight years of the living dead already, and frankly don't need more of that. Lowell

A guy named Philip Fersht.... oh, you mean who among the current presidential candidates (or should it be candidates for president since some may feel they are not 'presidential') ....can I cast multiple votes? Anyone other than ...

Being a resident New Yawker, Rudy would be my very last choice before not voting at all.

Seems we all can agree on the worst possible choice :) Honestly, Canada looks better than life with her,


The people I would least like to see there will finally be out of there. Hopefully NONE of their families or friends take up residence The only person who I thought I might like to see there is not running.

For those of us who enjoy politics (some of us from both sides of the fence) I encourage you to check out www.politicalbase.com. Feel free to look me up when you get there!


Marilyn Manson.


I'm less concerned about who I don't want to see in the White House, and more concerned about who I hope isn't the candidate for my party.

It's sad to watch how both major parties are trying hard to nominated the least acceptable candidates...

You can skip RP, but not Huckabee! Won't change my vote though. As a Massachusetts resident the only lasting impression of Romney is that he is the ultimate vote whore. He goes beyond flip-flopping. While they are all pols and thus would all do practically anything to buy a vote, at least once they got in the White House they might actually try to do some good. Romney, however, even in office, is 100% posturing - he takes the side of the issue that the popularity polls suggest. Note that both major Boston newspapers, the liberal Globe and the right-wing Herald, threw support behind McCain and NOT the "native son" (?) Romney. And what has Romney done for MA high tech? Zilch. Despite having the top scoring high schools in the nation test-wise, and despite having arguably the top concentration of colleges in the nation (c'mon, there is Harvard, MIT, BC, BU, Northeastern, Wellesley, Smith, Tufts, Williams, Amherst, Brandeis, Babson, Worcester Poly, and a bunch of other very decent colleges, ah yes, and UMass), MA continues to experience job erosion in the high tech sector. Has Romney made MA more attractive to business? MA should be more of a hotbed with all that matriculating talent. Thanks for nothing Mr. Romney, you complete phony. Teflon for President? I sure hope not.

Why isn't Ron Paul on the list? This accomplish nothing, surrender at first chance, associate with neo nazi crazy is the only one that really frightens me.

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