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May 24, 2008


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Overall, I see the partnership as a positive move from both firms, as they have very complimentary offerings and are already working on two clients together. They would form an excellent merger, if this was to happen, and I would not be surprised to see these companies merge in the next year. When two services companies can team up to delivery in specific client situations, that produces a tactical advantage, but the true strategic benefits come from integrating both firms' IT and people assets in one corporate culture and entity.


Hi Phil,

Defenitly it is about retaining and MERGING all subject matter expertise AND industry expertise in a pragmatic way, without reinventing the wheel again.

Partnerships are commercially opportunistic as you say, however, true synergies can only be achieved by holistically review IT assets and operations; in the end, "kill one solution" for the benefit of a single view WITHOUT loosing history and process knowledge.

By assembling different fragments into Merged Master Data Management systems can share intelligence using atomic data and progressively move to a new "state" of merged operations.

So what you say is quite right the companies should merge, yet they can also do a "trial" commercial partnership first (successfully) using above methodology/tools/technology.

I have come across a EU method for doing mergers efficiently which means data must also be MERGED or semantically interpreted from one to the other.

This methodology and tool set has been used successfully in Europe with several restructuring initiatives.

What may seem obvious for business people (and snake oil deal makers people) is NOT so obvious when you have to get it REALLY working.

My 5-cents input.

Best Regards

Alexander Kopriwa

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