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Jun 08, 2008


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I think its not so much about Indians as much as about the dynamics and eco-system behavior of a place. You go to Itly and you will find the same. But here is something better to look at. There is a concept of 'Harmony in Chaos' or rather 'Well-managed Chaos' and that's what the traffic patterns in India represent. I bet you that you put Americans or Australians or English nationals into a scenario of Indian traffic, number of accidents and chaos will be far disasterous and fatal. Despite such complicate traffic situation in India, number of accidents and deaths on road is far less as compared to developed countries like US. Think about it, sometime what is apparently stupid and non-sense, its actually not. :-)

This video still does it for me just as much as the first time I saw it a few months ago. Never gets old.

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