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Aug 05, 2008


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I would like to introduce a 3 in 1 HRM Solution, which is not only highly cost effective, but provide all facilities of High End HRM Software

WisAcc HRM

Features Include:

- Time and attendance (Integrated with Biometric Machines and support multiple shifts, overtime, etc)
- Payroll Software
- Benefit Management
- Appraisal Management
- Loan Management
- Leave Management
- Dependents Management
- Salary, Promotion, Education, tracking

and lot more.

Pricing starts from only 5,000 Dhs. Source Code is also provided for interested companies on reasonable cost.

Software is developed in Dot Net 2005, and a strong architecture based. Back End SQL Server. Support 2000, and 2005 versions.

Website: http://www.wisacc.com
Local Support is available in Dubai, UAE.


Thanks for the excellent piece - what do you think of some of these emerging SaaS offerings in the HR space?

Stephen Cohen

Naomi's views are right on the money. I am so glad you wrote this piece and brought such a comprehensive highlight on the much deliberated topic.
My views are as follows –
TCSD – Total cost of Service Delivery will be and already is the prime concern for mature outsourcers looking at renewing their existing HRO contracts. Contracts coming up for renewals in the next few years will find clients asking for putting such metrics in the contract with incentives and penalties for service providers around it. First time outsourcers of HRO have limited understanding of the concept and it’s the onus of the potential provider to educate them, be their evangelist and show them the path with credible promises of healthy return.
HRM Suite Application Providers – Are torn between the revenue potential of the HRO platform model and a much dreaded cannibalization of their traditional perpetual/user/server based license ownership models. They are stitching up carefully drafted alliances with some of their key and trusted system integrators to take a cautious trade down the platform path and are not opening up the platform pricing model to their enterprise sales forces lest it threatens their core business model faster than the platform model gains a credible currency.
The Mid Market – Is and will be the smartest and the most demanding buyers of comprehensive HRO suite as outlined by Naomi. They will be the driving force behind the TCSD driven standardized process and application architecture adoption in HRO.
HRO Service Providers – The big ones can see the writing on the wall but are driven by the greed to milk more revenues from their legacy platforms before making significant investments towards rearchitecting it, thus dragging their feet. The emerging ones are grappling with the scale and breadth of the HR competency dimension required to power it, are keen but cautious and want to see some pioneer succeed than be the first mover.
There is a clear writing on the wall, and there will be some first movers soon to occupy the space. Once again - Thanks Naomi! For coming out and belling the cat!

Phil, thank you so much for the kind words and the opportunity to speak from your blog. I'll look forward to a future visit.

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