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Oct 12, 2008


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Phil -

You are revealing far too much about your misspent youth -:)



As a fellow Brit, I don't think any of us were left untouched by Rick's quiff, Levi's 501s (with turn-ups) or winkle-pickers in the late '80s...

Today's youth would be horrified.


I definitely want to know if Phil had the same haircut in the 80s.

Very funny. The lighetr side of analytics at its best.


Judging by the number of emails I have received today, I can assure you the majority of the the demographic coming here remeber Rick only too well. And for the confused youngsters, here is the horrific reality of the late '80s:



...and the 11th commandment: Humour!

Hilarious, though your non-Gen X readership is probably scratching their heads right now. And then there are the Gen-Xers who are probably ashamed to admit they get it. Obviously I am not one of them.

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