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Nov 22, 2008


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When we've outsourced all the jobs, who's going to have the money to buy any of these products? Outsourcing is only good for corporate bottom lines, not for the economic future of America. America needs a solid manufaturing base at home supporting American workers who can then turn around and buy products.

The fix for today's problems is in workers AND executives lowering their earnings and bonuses so prices can come down and consumers can afford the products.

The fix is making innovative products with turn-on-a-dime development that can react to market conditions instead of being stuck with products no one wants. GM, Ford, and Chrysler are stuck in an early-20th-century development mentality trying to compete in the 21st century, and it doesn't work.

Finally, the fix is in getting legacy costs out of the price of the product, but not in removing the legacy commitments workers and companies contracted - that would be unethical. But outsourcing isn't solving any of America's economic ills and it won't solve Detroit's.

Alan Eggleston


I will wholeheartedly agree that the domestic auto industry needs to change. From watching the televised hearings it is obvious that the leaders of the industry just don't get it, and neither do the Autoworkers.

Except for assembly almost all production is outsourced, and much of it is offshore.
The change needed is that the automakers need to reduce the number of models, make them more efficient and attractive and frankly price competitive. They need to invest more in developing and implementing fuel technology. In short they need to join the 21st century.

Oh yeah they can probably get rid of their private jets, limo's and other perks, so at least it looks like they have empathy for the rest of us.

Bill Downey

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