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Dec 21, 2008


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Hi Bill -

My point being that "outsourcing" needs a broad re-defining to avoid some of this political fallout. At the moment, the "O" word is associated with shipping jobs offshore - and nothing else. There needs to be a broader view of global sourcing and keeping businesses competitive, and less of the paranoid political fallout. Let the politicians focus on bailing out unprofitable car manufacturers and trying to save a greedy banking system, and keep them away from meddling with businesses that are striving to compete globally in a terrible economic climate,


Hello Phil,

Love all of your comments and lalways look forward to your thoughts on the state of the BPO industry. But this time I think that I must kindly disagree. Not with your view of reality as stated above, but rather #2 in particular.

I think that the polital enviroment and fallout is real and it will be an challenge, at least for the time being, to be able to overcome some of the lingering perceptions. We won't be dropping the term "outsourcing" anytime soon!

The good news. In tough economic times, it is more important then ever to position your company's sales pipeline, so that when the market shifts upward, your team is ready.

Keep on commenting!


I have to agree that "outsourcing" has a negative connotation. Politicians have been using the word as a club. Still not all such changes are across borders so "global sourcing" may not fit. It has a good ring to it.

I like the phrase "business process re-engineering" but it may sound too industrial. Lets see what terminology they use in Detroit. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place,

Jim Bogart

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