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Feb 11, 2009


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The big question in the mind of the golbal community is how can NASSCOM retain any shred of credibility as an upright and relevant industry body till it has the courage to address the very important issue of ethics and governance, rather the lack of it, in Indian industry in general and the ITES industry not excepted.

By continuing to deny that the Satyam issue as a systemic problem and trying to shove it under the carpet by maintaining that it is an exception is eroding global confidence on NASSCOM and India, Inc. Evn though teh bunny has dug its head in a hole and covered its eyes, we can still see it!

There is still a great opportunity for India, Inc to come clean and start a new chapter by accepting the abysmal state of ethics (multiple books of accounts, bribe raj, nepotism etc) and setup a bold agenda for reform. Considering how deep and far reaching the malady is, even if the timetable for this reform is not aggressive as long as there is demonstrated genuineness of purpose and endeavor it will be received sympathetically.

There is too much at risk for India to take a chance when the entire economy is fueled by services revenues primarily through influx of foregn capital.

Unfortunately Ramalinga Raju is starting to appear more gutsy to have volunteered information about his corrupt practices when most other businessmen in India historically have taken the ignoble yet convenient path of bribing their way out. Now the spotlight is on the beauracratic elders of NASSCOM to demonstrate some guts of their own. Remember the firt step of the 12 step process is admission of the existence of the problem i.e. denial and time will not make this go away!

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