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Mar 24, 2009


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Jeanne: while Vegas finds it's own special way to deal with tackiness, Orlando just seems to lay it on a bit too think...

I actually had a great time there, but you gotta give the place a hard time -:)

Phil, what has happened to your sense of adventure?

My only sin was being a former resident of an urban MI city and hence had the experience to handle the "situation" in a non-hostile manner and (not get squashed for my efforts).


What's wrong with PF Changs?


Lepeak - did you commit some terrible sin to warrant such punishment?

oh, just reading about it makes me twitch...there is nothing more stressful than a middle seat on a completely full airplane.

Is it my imagination or are the fight attendants all unfriendly in coach?

Worse or just as - last row, in the corner by the engines, heading to Detroit with a delay, and the petite caucasian woman in the center seat picks a fight the five plus size woman in the surrounding seats from a Detroit church choir, over a variety of topics including their need to next time purchase multiple seats so as to be able fit their posteriors into what they paid for....

Debeshish: maintain a high-frequency on-demand alcohol delivery model and you should be OK...

So I shouldn't plan our next Global Customer Meet at Epcot Center? Dana seemed to enjoy it. There's something deliciously rebellious about scantily clad Bollywood dancers co-mingling with the Mickey experience, I think.

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