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Apr 01, 2009


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I sincerely hope that Obama does ban offshoring and our congress passes very tough laws and evokes penalties for moving USA jobs overseas. There are other cost effective alternatives right here in the USA. Protectioniism is a term used by those that can't see the benefits of a strong America and live in the past. I for one will be making every effort to make sure America is first.

Phil...this is just too funny! You had me going for a while!

Rosemary Coates

I propose Blacksburg, VA. We have a major university with an excellent engineering program, fresh air, great pickers and fiddlers and folks already know how to talk Southern for every satisfactory call center experience.

Mann.. I alomost had a heart attack..before I read Lou Dobbs

Actually, I thought it was an April Fool's thing until you mentioned Lou Dobbs. That's when I started thinking it was serious...

Funny! I can still hear the sounds of nervous laughter ripple round the globe from Bangalore to Albuquerque....

Well played.

My Dear friend...this would be termed as protectionis and Obama is fiercely against it...please stop make uneducated guesses and write to spread positive energy...there is enough speculations because of some idiots shooting from their hip.

I believed everything up to Lou Dobbs.

Heavy handed ...

Enforcement of existing labor laws (with real penalties) would be chilling enough; the first bullet point.

The tax code could be revised to force capitalization of IT expenses from offshore sources to (effectively) increase taxes on operating income.

The penalties are just not meaningful enough to curb the appetitite that labor arbitrage satisfies today.

Is this an April Fools joke?

My recent government conversations hinted that back-sourced employees must join the UAW or similar union.

Nice try. With all the government intervention I almost believed it. Happy April Fools....

Phil, you never know. There might actually be more truth to this that we think right now. We'll definitely see increased scrutiny and some policy changes. The lowest cost US cities with some Federal 'relief' support can become reasonably cost competitive and it's definitely a good talking point for CEOs during these times.

Nice Try Phil!

Especially since it is an all fools day today (April 1st) that you have posted this fantasy.

You know that those points that you mentioned will never sell with businesses that depend on IT for enhancement especially a 90 day window to advertise, wait and then source! Who has the luxury of waiting that long for core IT projects to be staffed!

Ha ha, good one though, I nearly fell for this gag.

Ravi Ramanathan

You Win! You're the first April Fools posting I've read today.


Hi Phil - Is it April's Fools Day or Analyst's Fools Day???
Enjoyed the humor. Doug Brown

Phil, how do you think this will apply to nearshore/NAFTA countries? Do you think the administration using "offshore" as a collective term, including all outsourcing from the US? Or, will they exclude Mexico & Canada as nearshore NAFTA trading pertners?

Protectionism defined.....


FYI - I had a PeopleSoft delivery center years ago (100+ FTE's) in Huntsville/Athens AL...worked out very well...great source of technical resources...favorable economics...

Phil: Thanks for the breaking news, as always. The Lou Dobbs portion of this sounds odd...almost comical. One would assume that the low-cost "On-Shore" locations with the best scalability and logistics capability will capture the moajority of the spoils...that tends to favor the southern-most cities (weather and travel logistics). Although, the political nature of the initiative (if you can call it that) will send favor and influence to cities like Buffalo and certian Midwest locales.

-Jon Simon

April Fools?

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