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Apr 01, 2009


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April Fool's Day!

Nice April Fools bit ... but I'm guessing that a lot of people who are unemployed here in the US will not take this in the spirit it was intended.

But my thanks for trying to make the day a bit nicer for us all.

I am hoping that since this came to my inbox on April 1st it's Phil's version of an April Fools Day joke!

I have a sneaky suspicion that his British sense of humour is at work here.


Sending you my doctor bill, as I'm pretty sure that I had multiple heart attacks while reading this. Along with a bill for a replacement laptop, since I spit my morning orange juice all over my current one. Especially pointed on the Lou Dobbs bit, since he has made it his part of his personal mission to target my organization.

Well done sir...

- Mark Bradley

If this is true -- and the Lou Dobbs panel makes me doubt it -- it will spark a trade war. Under what executive authority? Surely this needs legislation.

Lou Dobbs to head up the disciplinary panel? I guess its a nice way to pull an April Fool's Day joke IMHO;-)

Happy April 1st to you as well!

April fool right!

Good , Apil Lou Dobbs day joke ...........

Good One, Phil.

April 1st ?

Is this right up there with the famous spaghetti trees on Panorama, and an early Aprils Fools?! But, yes, you almost had me there for a second! Ha!

B*stard! April Fools to you, too! LOL.

Excellent April Fool's!! You had me going up until ... Lou Dobbs :)

Nice one Phil. Until I saw Lob Dobbs in there, I thought you were serious!

If the US govt is willing to make up the cost difference, of course all jobs can be back-sourced. And in today's bailout economy, anything is possible!

I was watching the movie "Outsourced" recently and it brings out the cost difference neatly. There is a scene where an American buyers berates an Indian call center worker for selling him bald eagle replicas made in India. She offers to give him the phone number of an American company that make the replicas in the USA. The caller then asks the next logical question "Is their price point about the same as yours?". The answer? "$200 dollars higher"!

With unlimited trillions at his disposal, Obama could of course flirt with hyperinflation and subsidise just about anything, but I don't think he will. After eight years with The Big Mistake, you guys hit the jackpot with Obama.

Some of the points you have stated above is not practical or feasible. Your first point is a distinct possibility rest doesn't make sense. If US does indeed go ahead(which i highly doubt) it will be the end of innovation in US and you might see lot of major companies moving out and setting up base elsewhere.

- Revoking licenses of non-US headquartered outsourcing companies - Most if not all Fortune 1000 companies will be impacted and practically there are not as many people in mkt to backfill these positions

- Moving backs jobs outsourced in last 8 yrs with 20% of first yr employee cost footed by US govt - who is going to pick the cost differential for year 1 and total cost for subsequent yrs? Last thing corporates want is increase in their costs in these tough mkt conditions. Also given the level of outsourcing and complexity of work done outside US. This is highly impossible. In addition back-filling those guys in US - no way!! There are way too many positions outsourced.

Needs a Snark tag.

Would be interesting to watch the ensuing catastrophe, though.

By the way, based on our 8-month due diligence on US locations for a delivery center, I think Raliegh, Austin, Buffalo, and Huntsville, AL would make the cut as well.

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