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Jun 21, 2009


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Frank - What kind of business models do you see emerging in the US healthcare. There have been several talks around Single payor system etc. Also some suppliers are taking about SAS model for claims management. How is CTS addressing these issues. Also is CTS doing any enterprise analytics work. What are the tangeable benefits a customer can see using this approach.

Thanks Frank, for sharing your views on the ITO trends. I am also interested to hear more about how you plan to address some of the trends like the demand for hyper-efficiency, near-shoring and reducing margins for the offshore providers.

Thank you for sharing - Frank.

C2.0 is surely going to be the game changer.

Interesting stuff gentlemen. Looking forward to reading where Cognizant is steering its BPO strategy,


Great insights Frank - thanks for sharing, and look forward to Part 2.

Especially agree on the Cloud potential and good to see you're watching developments their so intently. The move to these new cost models and on-demand services are going to be THE game-changer over the next decade,

David McDonald

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