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Aug 25, 2009


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Stan (Lepeak):

The photos I added are there to portray these stark differences between these times the those of the '30s.

While this recession has been a relative "walk in the park" for many fattening mid-career executives, let's not forget the whole "lost generation" of college-graduates and school leavers who are facing a chronic challenge to find companies prepared to invest in their long-term careers. While many of us have barely lost 5 minutes of sleep because of thie recession (probably thinking about lost stock valuations via-à-vis our next meal) I do believe the long-term ramiifications of this recession are going to be highly profound.

We are going to be saddled with ever-inreasing unemployment with people who simply do not have the skills or experience to find employment in today's changing markets. Couple this with continued population explosions and global warming, and food lines may one day come back to haunt...


The "great depression" (the real one of the 1930's - really sucked. I don't think we need to have had bloggers around to confirm and elaborate on this point. This recession had been a walk in the park by comparison, unless you are a laid off US auto worker never to return to past levels of greatness and income or a Vegas condo speculator.

My favorite is still the Rick Astley one--I still chuckle even though I already knew the joke!


I tip my hat to you for a wonderful collection of great articles - over such a sustained period. I await your book release one of these days,


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