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Aug 31, 2009


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This is a great article. Insightful and gets to the heart of the matter.

Passion for customers and passion for business is an absolute must. Seeing the whole picture - 'holistically' - is crucial if we are to win for our customers.



I think the viewpoint made by Tiger on platform BPO is real powerful. Platform BPO is nothing more than the phrase coined in to explain the concept of combined delivery of technology and process. Since the delivery would lie with a single vendor, transaction based, outcome based pricing can be offered by the vendor. However, at the end of the day, as Tiger has stated, the first step is really to ensure that the end-to-end process itself is performing at world class levels and can deliver insights, root causes etc. The next step would be to leverage platform BPO to deliver innovative commercial models, technology based efficiencies, variable cost structures.



F and A effectiveness is taken to the next level with those Genpact re-engineers…for example in a recent FDE feature with Mark Wood, Order to Cash Practice Leader at Genpact, we are told that "most companies are very good at measuring ‘lag’ indicators such as DSO, % past due and bad debt - but very few master the art of measuring ‘lead’ indicators - such as billing accuracy, pricing dispute resolution time and turnaround time for customer set up.” Mark finishes with a nice one liner…”if cash is your king, then data is the round table of the knights” to read the article http://www.the-financedirector.com/projects/data-cash/



Firstly, it's a well-articulated note that you have brought here on a common forum, much appreciated. Tiger is always looked up as an inspiration and his recommendations are worth imbibing, especially for all the beginners like myself.

Thanks! Irfan Mulani

"Wee fellow" is a Scottish expression... meant in all manner of affection :)


Did you *really* refer to Tiger as a "wee fellow"? Did I read that correctly? Wow.

Being similarly "vertically challenged," I applaud your exposition of this great example for the outsourcing industry. Tiger brings passion to Genpact's business - an essential element of any successful provider proposition in this market!



It's a privilege to read one of the most intelligent discussions on the BPO industry with my morning coffee - thanks!


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